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Oct 03, 2023

Episode 23

Jennifer Barnhill

Episode 23 – Jennifer Barnhill – Get to Know Your Schedule(r)   
The Trident Room Podcast Senior Producer Mike Wish sits down with NPS scheduler Jennifer Barnhill to ask all your burning scheduling questions. This episode was recorded September 30, 2021.   

Jennifer Barnhill is the NPS Assistant Scheduler where she has facilitated the implementation of an online event scheduling tool. Along with Lead Scheduler, Adrian Gera, Jennifer has also been involved in working with NPS leadership to produce schedules during the ever-changing COVID environment. She started working in the department of Academic Administration in 2019 when her husband received orders to get his masters in Operations Research. Translation: Jennifer is also a Navy spouse of 15 years. Not to be outdone by her husband, CDR David Barnhill, Jennifer also began her pursuit of her master’s in public administration at UNC and will graduate in 2022. Jennifer is also a freelance military family reporter and advocate. Her reporting has been featured in, Military Times, The War Horse, Military Families Magazine, Military Spouse Magazine, the Military Wallet and We Are the Mighty. And she is slated to speak to the Military Family Readiness Caucus about her work in October 2021.   

Jennifer and CDR Barnhill and their three children are thrilled to have been able to extend their time at NPS as David was recently selected as a PMP in the OR department.   


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