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Episode 51 [Part I]

Chef Loveday Photo

Episode 51 [Part I] – Chef Loveday – From Shack to Chateau 
The Trident Room Podcast Senior Producer, Sara Dixon sits down and has a conversation with The Love Shack’s Chef Loveday. This episode was recorded on August 28, 2023.   

CHEF LOVEDAY was born in the Seychelles in 1957. Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa, north of Madagascar.  He came to San Jose, California in 1980.  He then moved to Santa Maria where he started working for a car dealership in customer service.  It was his first job in the U.S.  It was always his dream to become a U.S. citizen and he achieved that goal in the year 2012. 

He has been a cook at the Bayonet and Blackhorse Golf Course and worked with Celebrity Food Network Chefs in places like Carmel, Pebble Beach, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles as he built his career.  Our own Chef Loveday is famous around the world for being the one to see when anyone from abroad arrives at NPS. Why? Because of the delicious meals he serves.  

Connect with Chef Loveday on:  
 - Facebook: Chef Loveday Camille 
 - YouTube Channel: 
NPS article about “The Love Shack”: 

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