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Episode 52

Colonel Jason Perry Image

Episode 52 – Colonel Jason Perry – Making Yourself Invaluable 
In this episode, Colonel Perry discusses his experiences as the Senior Marine at NPS, hosted by Karl Flynn. This episode was recorded on August 25th, 2023.  

Colonel Perry commissioned in 1995. He commanded in Fleet Marine Force units at every level from Rifle Platoon to Infantry Regiment.  Most recently, he served as Assistant Division Commander at 3rd Marine Division. He attended NPS from 1999-2000 graduating with a degree in National Security Affairs.  Col Perry has served as a Japan Foreign Area Officer in billets including Japan Director in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Marine Forces Pacific Liaison Officer to the Japan Ground Self Defense Force in Tokyo, and Branch Head for Pacific Division at Headquarters Marine Corps.  He assumed the role of the senior Marine at NPS in 2022.

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