Global ECCO's (Education Community Collaboration Online) mission is to build and strengthen the Regional Defense Fellowship Program's (RDFP) global alumni network of Combating Terrorism (CbT) experts and practitioners through innovative and engaging technologies and techniques that both enable and encourage collaborative partnership between individuals, nations, organizations, and cultures.

Global ECCO enables communication between members who may otherwise be isolated physically, and allows multiple community members to interact, facilitating collaboration and continuing education on critical security issues. It also helps to maintain a network of skilled operators with a wealth of expertise to share and to draw on.

Global ECCO hosts a variety of innovative, interactive modules, including a progressive multimedia journal (CTX), strategic gaming applications, and an original and ongoing collection of operator archives from those who have fought in the war on terrorism. It also provides access to daily counter-terrorism news and a ‘curated' collection of blogs and resources on all facets of terrorism, violent extremism and radicalization.

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