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The Game 

The player starts as the new energy manager at a forward operating base and are tasked with making the base more energy efficient to reduce their reliance on fuel convoys. Purchase upgrades to your existing operational energy assets, deploy microgrids, and improve energy resilience on base. How much can the player reduce fuel demand while maintaining operational readiness?


  • FOB’s energy manager, responsible for purchasing and deploying the base’s operational energy assets

​​​​How To Play 

The player uses a limited budget to purchase new generators, renewable energy systems, and energy efficiency upgrades for the base. The player uses these generation assets in combination to efficiently meet both the peak power and total daily energy demand of every facility on base. Combine generation assets in a way that allows extra generators to shut off during non-peak hours or ensure generators are always operating at their most efficient loads. Alternatively, the player can use the small boost from renewable energy systems to meet peak demand while consuming no additional fuel. The player combines loads to match their generator rating to ensure optimal efficiency. The combinations are endless.


Winning Conditions

Challenge yourself to reduce fuel demand as much as possible while ensuring that all facilities on base have power. Can you achieve savings of 20% or more?