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Sovereign Challenge is a USSOCOM strategic international engagement program initiated in 2004, focused on preserving the sovereignty of its independent nations and examining how extremist threats can violate that sovereignty. The program enables networking around the Washington based Defense attache and diplomatic corps, with other officials, professionals, academics and experts from the special operations, security and foreign policy community, to counter violent extremism and enhance security within tho global environment. 


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Greetings from your Sovereign Challenge friends and colleagues in Tampa, Florida. We want to let you know that we are thinking about you and your families at this most difficult time. We are concerned about your welfare and that of your families and fellow citizens at home. We all have come through difficult times in our lives. We all have different means of coping. We recognize that our responses and reactions may differ, but we truly believe that we will get through this crisis and emerge as stronger and better friends, allies and partners.

One year ago last month, we were gathered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to discuss, "Technological Change and the Future of Irregular Warfare". None of us imagined that our future would be as it is today; in the midst of a pandemic. We are working to determine our way forward given the current circumstance. As I'm sure you already know, Sovereign Challenge is always open to your ideas.

Please let us know if you have thoughts about the future of Sovereign Challenge.

We know that you will continue to excel. We are proud to call you friend. When you have a moment, let us know how you are doing.

With best wishes, we remain.


Sovereign Challenge Team


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Sovereign Challenge Alumni Registration 


USSOCOOM and Global ECCO's mission is to build and strengthen the Regional Defense Fellowship Program's (RDFP) global alumni network, through innovative and engaging technologies and techniques that enable and encourage collaborative partnership between nations, organizations, and cultures. 

Sign up here to engage with terrorism experts and operators from countries around the world, to explore combating terrorism strategies through interactive gaming, and to watch interviews with fellow experts.

Who Can Receive an Account? 

Sovereign Challenge and Global ECCO are Department of Defense (DoD) programs intended to network RDFP students, alumni, and individuals. Personnel who have completed a course with one of the CTIWFP affiliated schoolhouses or participated in a Sovereign Challenge Conference are eligible for a Global ECCO account. As a DoD program, US government employees are also eligible for a Global ECCO account. Verification of the requestor's affiliation is completed within 72 hours. Once verified, an email will be sent with a link to create a password. Only one account will be created per eligible person. 


The application process requires you to respond to email that is sent from Global ECCO to the email address you provide in the application form. It often happens that automatic emails such as this get caught in spam filters, so please whitelist email from and Also, check your spam filter frequently for emails from these domains. Spam filters vary, but often this can be done by "allowing" mail from wild-card expressions such as *

If you have submitted an application and have not heard back from us within a few days, CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTER. If your spam filter does not have an email from us, then feel free to inquire about the status of your application by sending an email to and . 

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Sovereign Challenge Alumni Registration
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Sovereign Challenge Alumni Registration



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