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The Game 

This game depicts, in a very abstract way, the essence of insurgent warfare. The game is for two players, the State (representing the existing government or leadership of a country or organization) and the Insurgent (representing the opposition to that government or leadership). The State has powerful forces but less information; the Insurgent has complete information but little actual power. Whichever side overcomes its disadvantage wins (the State by gaining information on the Insurgents and killing them; the Insurgents by penetrating to the center of State power).


  • Insurgents
  • State


Hidden information: for the whole game, the Insurgent has complete visibility into all spaces on the map. The State can see only those spaces on the map that contain his own pieces, contain two or more Insurgent pieces, or are temporarily visible by "interrogating" an Insurgent piece.

The map: The map is in the shape of four concentric circles, each divided into 12 spaces for a total of 48 spaces. Each space is marked with coordinates: a letter from A to D denoting which ring it is in, and a space number from 1 to 12. An "adjacent space" is one that shares a border with another space; therefore, a space could be adjacent to from four to six spaces, depending on where it is on the map. The single central space is called the Capital, and the ring of 12 spaces surrounding it is called the Inner Circle. 

Playing the Game

The game is played in player-turns. The Insurgent goes first, followed by the State player. If a player wishes he can always PASS – they does nothing and the other player begins their turn.

Winning Conditions

The Insurgent wins by capturing the Capital. This is accomplished by having, at the end of any their player-turns, Insurgent pieces occupying either:
  • Four connected spaces in the Inner Circle (that is, there are at least four insurgent occupied spaces in the Inner Circle that also share a border with one or two other Insurgent-occupied spaces in the Inner Circle), or
  • Any six of the 12 spaces of the Inner Circle.

The State player wins by killing 12 Insurgent pieces (making an Insurgent victory impossible). The aim of the Insurgent is to place sufficient of his pieces in the Inner Circle that he is deemed to have captured the Capital. The aim of the State player is to eliminate 12 or more Insurgent pieces, making an Insurgent victory impossible.