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Episode 15

Sherman Neal II

Episode 15 – Sherman Neal II – The Battle for Change  
Trident Room Host Michael Gannon sits down and has a conversation with change advocate Sherman Neal II. In this episode, Sherman talks about his passion for advocacy, the importance of change and Robert E. Lee. This episode was recorded on April 5, 2021   


Sherman Neal II is an assistant football coach at Murray State University and student at the University of Miami School of Law pursuing a Masters in Law (LL.M.). Prior to joining Murray State, Sherman served ten years in the United States Marine Corps; his assignments included military justice, serving as a platoon commander, and supporting infantry operations to include two deployments to the Middle East. He is also an attorney experienced in family and criminal law. Sherman also serves as the Criminal Justice Advocate for the human rights organization Amnesty International in Kentucky, serves on the board of advisors for the Kentucky Rural-Urban Exchange, and volunteers with CASA in Calloway County. He is a native of Naperville, IL. 



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