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Episode 6

Episode 6 – Paul Rasmussen – A Paperboy, The Sizzler and The Navy 
NPS Program Officer Paul Rasmussen discusses his techniques of adjusting to the current pandemic, his time at NPS, and how previous jobs helped him lead in the Navy. This episode was recorded on 10 Jul 2020.  

Commissioned in 1993 out of NROTC at UCSD, CDR Rasmussen went to flight school in Pensacola, Florida, and was winged three years later in Kingsville, Texas. Flying the FA-18 Hornet and the SEM for the French Navy for the next ten years, he was deployed overseas on multiple occasions with VFA-113 Stingers and VFA-25 Fist of the Fleet. Finally, his career culminated as the Mini-Boss on the USS Carl Vinson. His second career has been in military education, serving as both student and instructor at the NWC in Newport, then here at NPS as DDOS, DOS, and finally, the Program Officer of NSA. 


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