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Prof. Kevin B. Smith

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Department of Physics
Spanagel Hall, Room 203
833 Dyer Road
Monterey, CA 93943-5216
(831) 656-2145
DSN: 756-2145

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Physics is to provide relevant and advanced education and research programs in applied physics, tailored to the defense and intelligence needs of the present and future.  Physics is the fundamental science that explores matter, energy, and their interactions, and is the key to the development of new technologies.

The technological edge provided by systems such as GPS, IR guided missiles, laser guided bombs, wake-homing torpedoes, mobile satellite communications, underwater acoustic communications, and unmanned aerial vehicle imagery have enabled today’s war-fighter to strike with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and effect.  The development of systems such as these requires a deep and creative understanding of the basic disciplines of physics, such as mechanics, electrodynamics, fluid dynamics, sound and vibrations, thermodynamics, quantum physics, solid-state physics, and others.

Our program produces officers who can apply broad technical, scientific and engineering principles to combat systems operation, evaluation, design, and development.  Throughout the course of their career and beyond, their education in the fundamental principles of physics prepares them for opportunities to decrease cost, increase quality, and speed development of important projects for the Navy and the DOD.  Our graduates fill a spectrum of assignments in the development of future combat systems, working creatively and practically in conceiving, developing, and acquiring advanced combat systems.

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