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The Cebrowski Institute host a highly successful Community College Catalyst intern program for Hartnell College students in Salinas.  Most interns are first generation Americans who are often the first person in their family to attend college.  100% of the students in this intern program have either completed a B.S. degree, are at a four-year school working on a B.S. degree, or are still at Hartnell and planning to transfer. At the end of the 2012 summer we will have 83 alumni in our growing network.

Over the last several years, we have provided opportunities for our interns to serve as role models, coaches and mentors for younger students, a win-win that helps to build the self-confidence of the older students.   For example, Claudia Garcia, a Hartnell College sophomore from East Salinas, enjoys speaking to middle school students about her love of math and computer science. This summer, she will intern in a Computer Engineering lab at the Naval Postgraduate School, as well as participate on the Cyber Adventurers’ local Board of Advisors

Claudia was one of the inspirations for our Cyber Adventurers program.  There are many others who understand the value of being a role model and enjoy sharing their experience with other community members.

We recognize that to achieve our goal of inspiring young people to attend college and choose CS-STEM majors, we need to engage the “whole system” of students, families, schools, peers, role models and community.

This spring we welcomed families of prospective interns for a preview inside the gates of the Naval Postgraduate School, so they better understand what is envisioned for the summer. These family meetings help to alleviate concerns about their young adult children working on a military base and about embarking on the long route to a science degree. Families met intern alumni who spoke about their own experiences and journeys.

 Interns begin work each June; in late August they present their accomplishments at a community research symposium at Hartnell College.


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