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2012 Summer Gathering's Flyer
2012 flyer




The Cebrowski Institute developed and facilitates a  series of summer gatherings designed to bring together civilian undergraduates, working cross the NPS campus as summer hires, who are interested in learning more about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines. With opportunities to meet female PhDs doing exciting work at NPS, the goal of the meetings is to expose the next generation of researchers to resources, expertise and possible mentors.  

The series focuses on exploring connections, exposing exciting work being done by female PhDs and disspelling misconceptions.  We accomplish this by offering the following events for all student summer hires at NPS:

1. Intro, Improv and Ice Cream.  Getting to know each other through fun improv games that are ice breakers.   Then over ice cream, the students and faculty introduce themselves by sharing their academic goals and interests. 

2. An insiders tour of a lab or two run by NPS female PhDs.  In the past, they have included a demonstration of MOVES Institute's Virtual Sand Table and Virtual 3D Human projects with Dr. Amela Sadagic and visiting the Network-Centric Systems Engineering Lab with Dr. Deborah Goshorn. 

3. Highlighting valuable information about educational and employment opportunities available through such programs as the Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation, Scholarships for Federal Service and NPS Human Resources.

Summer hire undergraduates came from high schools, community college, and universities.  The award-winning researchers are in Information Sciences,  Operations Research,  Electrical Engineering.and Defense Analysis Departments.

Here is some feedback from past intern participants.


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