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The Graduate School of Operational & Information Sciences includes Graduate Resident Programs consisting of 16 technical Curricula and awards Master of Science Degrees and Ph.D. Degrees across four Academic Departments. Ninety-eight faculty members educate approximately 600 Military and DoD Students.

Mission Statement

To deliver graduate level education and conduct cutting-edge research, in response to the needs of naval and military customers, in four non-traditional knowledge domains; in response to the needs of naval and DOD customers.

  • Information Science and Technology
  • Military Computer Science
  • Military Operations Analysis and Research
  • Special Operations and Related Defense Analysis


Mathematical, scientific, and technical skills to understand the state of the art and foster future improvements in military systems and operations

  • Integration of subject matter contained in classical academic disciplines in militarily relevant ways
  • Subject matter suited to the corporate university's military customer
  • Faculty expertise in creative, efficient delivery methods, including distance learning


Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences
Gordon McCormick
Glasgow Hall 219

Associate Dean
Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences
COL Nelson Emmons
Glasgow Hall 220A

GSOIS Organization Chart

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