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The Cebrowski Institute for Military Innovation

What we are seeing, in moving from the industrial age to the information age, is what amounts to a new theory of war.  We have come to call that new theory of war network-centric warefare.  Its not about the network; rather, its about how wars are fought and how power is developed.  -- Vice Admiral Arthur K. Cebrowski (U.S. Navy, Ret.)

About Cebrowski

The Cebrowski Institute is a hub of military innovation for the information revolution in military and security affairs for the US Navy, the US DOD and the nation. The Institute helps generate innovative ideas for information strategy and tactics and supports the information entrepreneurs who champion them in the Navy and DOD. The Institute works with leaders and community networks to bring the new ideas into practice.



The Cebrowski Institutes mission is to incubate innovations for conducting military affairs in the age of digital technologies. Information and innovation are the building blocks used to meet the objective, which is done through monitoring for emergences, interdisciplinary networks, serendipity, design, and innovation. Dr. Denning presented a Cebrowski Institute brief on June 27, 2016, that highlights the process and some of the incubations and success stories.  Read more...

VADM Cebrowski


Vice Admiral Arthur K. Cebrowski (U.S. Navy, Ret.) discusses the following topics:

VADM Cebrowski


CI Thank you Luncheon

The Cebrowski Institute 

Annual Appreciation Luncheon

May 19, 2017

Vinny Carr and Amber Kingery

Pictured above: Vinny Carr from the Travel Office, and Amber Kingery, of the Office of General Counsel.


The Cebrowski Institute - Brief (Dec 1, 2016)
Cebrowski Quote from Dr. Jim Coy's Book

“Young men and women are rightly encouraged to establish goals and work toward them with diligence, courage, and tenacity. But how is one to establish a goal? Many define their goals in terms such as: achieve command of a combat unit, become president of a major corporation, achieve some considerable net worth, or attain high rank. The trouble with these goals is that on attaining them one is left with two awkward questions: Is that all there is? What’s next? Rather, a goal should be lofty, laudable, and one which can be continually strived for but never fully attained in even a long life of dedication. And when someone says, ‘Well, that’s fine, but what is your ultimate goal?’, you will be able to respond, ‘Heaven!’”

-- Vice Admiral Arthur K. Cebrowski (U.S. Navy, Ret.)