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Preparing our students to lead transformation and leverage and manage change in tomorrow's complex and technically challenging world is our purpose, the reason we exist. We fulfill that purpose by empowering student minds with advanced knowledge culled from cutting-edge, defense related research; by blending classroom experiences into a hands-on pedagogy that links theory and reality; and by teaching and inculcating creative, innovative thinking that prepares our students to continue to learn, grow, adapt and lead in future, unknown environments. Our graduates are more than just well educated engineers and scientists; they are innovative leaders of transformation and creative solvers of tomorrow's problems.



GSEAS really is a different kind of school. Its dual mission of sustaining high quality graduate education in engineering and applied sciences while simultaneously sustaining relevance to national security needs best characterizes the difference between GSEAS and a typical graduate school of engineering.
More to the point, we offer unique, dynamic, and innovative programs for today’s military officers and DoD civilians. Our goal is to educate the next generation of U.S. and international leaders and prepare them for the uncertainties and challenges of a rapidly changing technological world.

For over 90 years, the Navy, as well as other services, has relied on the Naval Postgraduate School to prepare its officers with advanced scientific and technical knowledge—we take great pride in our proven record of success in responding to that need and trust. It is our commitment to excellence in both teaching and research, both directly linked to the defense community and national security, that has sustained the unparalleled success of our students fielding their service to our nation as flag officers, engineers, astronauts, program managers and in positions at the highest levels of DoD and the private sector.

Accelerate your knowledge and career with one of our academic programs—we offer both masters and doctoral degree programs. We are dedicated to providing a rare educational experience that will prepare you to meet new challenges and continue to grow in today’s fast paced, highly technological defense community and world.


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