Dr. Ann E. Rondeau, Vice Adm. (ret.) President
Dr. Ann E. Rondeau

Vice Adm. (ret.) Ann E. Rondeau became President of the Naval Postgraduate School in January 2019.

Dr. Scott Gartner Provost
Dr. Scott Gartner

Dr. Scott Gartner became Provost and Chief Academic Officer of the university in March 2021.   

Capt. Brandon S. Bryan Chief of Staff
Capt. Brandon S. Bryan

Capt. Bryan became Chief of Staff in October 2023.

Ldrshp_SeniorAdmin List


Department and Academic Group Chairs / Senior Administration

NPS academic departments are 100% focused on meeting the unique needs of Naval forces, DOD, and our allied partners to advance U.S. national security. Throughout the leadership structure at NPS are visionaries capable of marrying high-level, forward-thinking academia with real-world DoD relevance, guiding the university to excel in its unique niche.


Senior Management / Staff

Providing critical management across varied functional support areas are a team of leaders dedicated to high-level, responsible and efficient service to the Naval Postgraduate School and the Navy. NPS' Management team oversee the efficient delivery of empowering services to the institution, enabling the NPS community to fulfill its mission of naval-unique education and research.

  • Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Robert Sweeney
  • Command Information Officer, Capt. Scott Bischoff, USN (Ret)
  • Director, Human Resources, Robert Trefault
  • Director, Financial Management and Comptroller, Laura Cole
  • Director, Facilities Management, Ryan Stewart
  • Director, Acquisition, Jeff Jodlowski
  • Inspector General, Kevin Nykanen
  • Staff Judge Advocate, Cmdr. Scott Thomas
  • Security Manager/Special Security Officer, Marcus "Andy" Andersen
  • Counsel, Jody Devine
  • Director, Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment, Antolino Colon

NPS Inspector General

 (831) 656-1803
 (800) 522-3451 (Naval IG)
Website: nps.edu/web/ig
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Office of University Communications

Website: my.nps.edu/office-of-university-communications
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 (831) 656-2442