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Shore, Zachary National Security Affairs
Davis, Zachary Defense Analysis
Zhao, Ying Information Sciences
Kwon, Young Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Xu, Yuntao Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tang, Yuan Manpower and Economics
Shen, Yu-Chu Manpower and Economics
Lee, Younjoo Oceanography
Xie, Geoffrey Computer Science
Tomlinson, Warren Physics
Vaneman, Warren Systems Engineering
Owen, Walter Systems Engineering
McAnally, Winli Center for Executive Education
Huntley, Wade National Security Affairs
Kang, Wei Applied Mathematics
Shaw, William Oceanography
Muras, William Energy Academic Group
Mullen, William Department of Defense Management
Lincoln, William Center for Executive Education
Su, Weilian Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lan, Wenschel Space Systems Academic Group
Kelton, William Operations Research
Hatch, William Center for Executive Education
Solitario, William Systems Engineering
Smith, Walter Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Garza, Victor Information Sciences
Palazzetti, Valentina Department of Defense Management
Dobrokhodov, Vladimir Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Apte, Uday Operations and Logistics
Lucas, Thomas Operations Research
Volpe, Tristan Defense Analysis
Karimova, Tahmina Energy Academic Group
Weatherford, Todd Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ansell, Troy Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Radko, Timour Oceanography
Anderson, Timothy Systems Engineering
Martinsen, Thor Applied Mathematics
Margolina, Tetyana Oceanography
Mabry, Tristan National Security Affairs
Housel, Thomas Information Sciences
White, Timothy Naval Warfare Studies Institute
Cunha, Timothy Acquisition Management
Rosko, Thomas Library
Robinson, Thomas Department of Defense Management
Kellermann, Thomas Department of Defense Management
Jamison, Thomas Defense Analysis
Hamrick, Thomas Operations Research
Matthews, Teddie Defense Resources Management Institute
Norbraten, Terry Computer Science
Nguyen, Thuy Computer Science