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Strategic Gaming Facilitation: CyberStrike — Naval Postgraduate School

Date: February 9, 2021
Location: Online

The ECCO team will help Professor Deborah Gibbons facilitate the Global ECCO strategic game, CyberStrike, for her class, "Management of Teams."

The MoT course examines the differences between groups and teams, between leader-managed and self-managed teams, between virtual and face-to-face teams, and between effective and ineffective teams. Analysis of effective teams include such issues as team dynamics, decision making, rewards, commitment, and the management of conflict (inter-personal, intra-team, and inter-team) in which power, influence and negotiation play central parts.

CyberStrike is a six-player game that simulates the complex strategic environment of cyber conflict. Players can play as criminals, terrorists, hackers, or states, with each role having different capabilities and goals. Players have to consider how their offensive capabilities match up with their adversaries’ defensive capabilities, and vice versa; whether to attack opponents or defend against them; to retaliate against attacks, particularly if the perpetrator is unknown; to invest in offense, defense, or detection capabilities; to ally with others; to share information or not; and how they can deter future attacks. 

The game is intentionally designed for thinking about the macro, strategic decisions in the cyber world. It does not require or teach any technical aspects of cyber conflict.