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  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Letter from the Editor
  • 2. Learning from the Protestant Reformation
  • 3. QAnon’s Psychological Influence
  • 4. The Future of Irregular Warfare Between Nation States
  • 5. The Fog: Part Two Occam’s Razor
  • 6. The CTX Interview | Brigadier General Manuel Alvarez
  • 7. The Written Word | The Moon is Down
  • 8. Publications & Announcements
Irregular Warfare, Peru
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Letter from the Editor
  • 2. Feared and Revered
  • 3. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Operation Serval, and the Value of Irregular Warfare
  • 4. The Fog - Part One: Scimitar of the Prophet
  • 5. The CTX Interview
  • 6. The Written Word: Irregular Soldiers and Rebellious States: Small-Scale U.S. Interventions Abroad
  • 7. The Written Word | Head of the Mossad: In Pursuit of a Safe and Secure Israel
  • 8. Publications: Outsourcing Duty: The Moral Exploitation of the American Soldier
Ukraine, Afghanistan
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Operational Energy: Essential Knowledge for Military Officers
  • 2. NATO Tabletop Exercises to Further Energy Resilience and Security: Ukraine as a Case Study
  • 3. Exercise Roadmap for Resilience: Requirements, Results, and Resourcing
  • 4. Energy in Conflict: The Case of the 2020 Armenia Azerbaijan War
  • 5. The Integration of Special Forces in Cyber Operations
  • 6. Ethics and Insights | The Ethics of AI in Warfare
  • 7. Publications
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. At the Very End, I Smiled
  • 2. ISIS Medical System as a Target for Counterterrorism Efforts
  • 3. The Future of Islamic Extremism in Pakistan: An Ethnography, Part Twoy
  • 4. THE CTX INTERVIEW | GEN David Petraeus, US Army (ret.)
  • 5. THE GAME FLOOR | Facilitating CT Virtual Games: The Transition to the Virtual World
  • 6. Ethics and Insights | Sometimes
  • 7. The Written Word | Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS
  • 8. Publications | The Global Spread of Islamism and the Consequences for Terrorism
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Irregular War Is Revolutionary
  • 2. How Dutch Special Operations Forces Can Support Cyber Operations: A Symbiotic Relationship
  • 3. Causes of the Ongoing Mass Radicalization of Islam in Pakistan: An Ethnography
  • 4. Ethics and Insights
  • 5. The Written Word | How Terrorism Ends: Understanding the Decline and Demise of Terrorist Campaigns
  • 6. The Written Word | Blood in the Fields: Ten Years Inside California’s Nuestra Familia Gang
  • 7. Publications | Global Jihad: A Brief History
Cyber Religious radicalization
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. What Special Operations Forces Might Learn from the Police: Three Observations
  • 2. Movements of Rage
  • 3. The CTX Interview | Ambassador Feisal al-Istrabadi, Former Iraqi Ambassador to the United Nations
  • 4. Ethics and Insights | On Truth, Lies, and Loyalty: Part One
  • 5. The Game Floor | Cyberspace Operations Training Using CyberWar: 2025
  • 6. The Written Word | Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations by Ronen Bergman
  • 7. The Written Word | Power to the People: How Open Technological Innovation is Arming Tomorrow’s Terrorists
  • 8. JSOU Publications
Special Operations Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Operation Inherent Resolve: Observations from Ninewa’s Tribal Mobilization Effort
  • 2. THE CTX INTERVIEW: LTC Kåre Jakobsen, Danish Jaegercorps
  • 3. Homegrown Terrorism: A Social Network Analysis of a Minnesota ISIS Cell
  • 4. SPECIAL CTX INTERVIEW: MG Eduardo Zapateiro, Joint Special Operations Command Colombia
  • 5. SPECIAL CTX INTERVIEW: LTG Danilo G. Pamonag, Armed Forces Of The Philippines (Ret.)
  • 6. ETHICS AND INSIGHTS: On Courage
  • 7. THE MOVING IMAGE: Hotel Mumbai
Ninewa Social Networks
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. The Man Who Would Be King
  • 2. The Rise of Isis in the Philippines and The Battle of Marawi
  • 3. Keeping All the Frogs in the Boil
  • 4. ETHICS AND INSIGHT: Ethics for Ethics’ Sake, George Lober
  • 5. THE WRITTEN WORD: LTC Ole Stephan, German Army
ISIS ethics written word
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Finland's Special Operations Surgical Team in Action
  • 2. Coercion and Non-State Actors: Lessons from the Philippines
  • 3. The Localization Strategy: Strategic Sense for Special Operations Forces in Niger
  • 4. The Development of a Special Operations Command for Japan
  • 5. THE WRITTEN WORD: LCDR Flemming Haar, Danish Naval Special Forces
Niger Finland Special Operations Japan
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Confronting an Isis Emir
  • 2. Maps in the Analysis of Insurgencies: The Case of ISIS
  • 3. The Challenges of Demobilizing and Reintegrating Armed Groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • 4. Dealing with Contingencies in South Sudan
  • 5. CTAP INTERVIEW- Interviewed by MAJ Anders Hamlin, US Army Special Forces
  • 6. CTAP INTERVIEW- Interviewed by Dr. Doug Borer, US Naval Postgraduate School
  • 7. THE WRITTEN WORD: Reviewed by LTC Stans Victor Mouaha-Bell, Cameroon Army
Max Boot South Sudan Boko Haran Congo
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. ISIS Prisons: Where Labor Demand Meets Labor Supply
  • 2. Maritime Terrorism in the Mediterranean Sea
  • 3. Drones and the Future of Security Policy: A Maritime Case Study for Assessing the Risk of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • 4. Adapting CT Strategies to Combat Organized Crime Gangs
  • 5. Fundamentalism: The Branch Davidians and the Islamic State
  • 6. CTAP INTERVIEW: Vera Mironova, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
  • 7. CTAP INTERVIEW: Bruce Hoffman, Georgetown University
  • 8. ETHICS AND INSIGHT: Honor and Truth
Bruce Hoffman Islamic State
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Foreward
  • 2. Introduction: The Theory, History, and Current State of Hybrid Warfare
  • 3. Countering Russian Hybrid Warfare: Acknowledging the Character of Modern Conflict
  • 4. Russian Aggression Toward Ukraine: A Long-Term Example Of Hybrid Warfare
  • 5. The Strategic Utility Of The Russian Spetsnaz In Crimea
  • 6. Is It All Just A Bad Habit? Explaining NATO's Difficulty In Deterring Russian Aggression
  • 7. From Tactical Champions To Grand Strategy Enablers: The Future Of Small-Nation Sof In Counter–Hybrid Warfare
  • 8. To Change Or Not To Change?
  • 9. Sharpening The Spear Of NATO SOF: Deterring Russian Hybrid Aggression Through Network Targeting
NATO Afghanistan Hybrid Warfare
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Da’esh, Legitimacy, and the Rise of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
  • 2. Radicalization and Deradicalization: Norwegian Foreign Fighters in Syria
  • 3. The 1990 Siege of Batticaloa: A Tribute to the Warriors of the Gemunu Watch
  • 4. The Lumads of the Philippines: Struggling from Conflict toward Peace
  • 5. Assessing Canada’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams: Can the Concept of INSETs Be Exported? |
  • 6. CTAP INTERVIEW: Brian Fishman, Center for International Security and Cooperation
Phillipines Radicalization Canada
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Photo Essay: The War Widows of Afghanistan
  • 2. Walking the Thin Red Line: DANSOF in Afghanistan
  • 3. The Lessons I Learned: Civil-Military Cooperation in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka
  • 4. That Word Terrorist, and What Terrorists Say about It
  • 5. Three Ghosts Who Haunt Modern Strategy
  • 6. CTAP INTERVIEW: Interviewed by Nicholas Tomb, US Naval Postgraduate School
  • 7. ETHICS AND INSIGHTS: George Lober
Sri Lankan Army North Africa Nick Tomb
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Analysis From The Edge: Information Paralysis And Decision Making In Complexity
  • 2. The US-Led Coalition Against ISIS: Strategic Difficulties and Political Will
  • 3. Language Skills for the Special Forces Operator: Access and Information in the African Permissive Environment
  • 4. Siding with the Egg
  • 5. Trying to Work Smarter: Fusion Tools for a Small SOF TF Staff
  • 6. CTAP INTERVIEW: The Return of the Zarqawists: How to Deal with the Islamic State Movement
  • 7. THE WRITTEN WORD: Not Your Dad’s Al Qaeda
SOCAFRICA Wael Abbas Afghanistan
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Countering Extremist Groups in Cyberspace: Applying Old Solutions to a New Problem
  • 2. Disaster Response: A Not-so-Sexy Kind of Job
  • 3. The Phantom Raid
  • 4. Generic placeholder image Seymour Hersh Reignites the Bin Laden Raid Controversy
  • 5. The Sri Lankan Civil War: a Personal Reminiscence
  • 6. The Use and Misuse of Influence in Counterinsurgency
  • 7. The Dark Side of Drones: Implications for Terrorism
  • 8. The Comprehensive Approach: a Silver Bullet or the Loch Ness Monster?
  • 9. CTAP INTERVIEW: Dr. David Kilcullen, Caerus Global Solutions
  • 10, The WRITTEN WORD American Force: Dangers, Delusions, and Dilemmas in National Security
  • 11. THE WRITTEN WORD the Hour Between Dog and Wolf
  • 12. The Moving Image
Kilcullen Phantom Raid Cyberspace
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Preface
  • 2. Foreward
  • 3. Introduction to the Special Issue
  • 4. Characteristics Of Terrorism Hotspots
  • 5. The Blue-Green-Red Metaphor in the Context Oof Counterterrorism: Clarifications and Anthropological Emendations
  • 6. America: Imagined Community, Imagined Kinship
  • 7. The Ecosystem of Dark Networks: A Biological Perspective
  • 8. One Arm Tied Behind Our Backs? Assessing the Power of the United States to Combat Global Threats
  • 9. The Weather of Violence: Metaphors and Models, Predictions and Surprises
  • 10. Trapped by The Paradigm: Why Net Assessment may not Contribute to Countering Terrorism
  • 11. CTAP Interview: Dr. Cécile Fabre, Oxford University
  • 12. Ethics And Insights: Making Decisions, Taking Ethical Responsibility, Part 2: Recalibrating The Job, Reconsidering The Tool
Dark Networks Cecile Fabre Net Assessment
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. SOF Joint Combined Exchange Training From a Host Nation’s Perspective
  • 2. Turkey’s Fight to Shut Off the Flow of PKK Finances
  • 3. The Movers and Shakers of the Lord’s Resistance Army
  • 4. Hybrid Warfare Revisited
  • 5. Report on the 2014 Special Operations Research Association Symposium
  • 6. The CTAP INTERVIEW: Dr. Michael Noonan, Foreign Policy Research Institute
  • 7. ETHICS AND INSIGHT: Making Decisions, Taking Ethical Responsibility, Part 1: To Tool or not to Tool
  • 8. THE WRITTEN WORD: Rebels Without Borders: Transnational Insurgencies in World Politics by Idean Salehyan
  • 9. THE WRITTEN WORD: David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants by Malcolm Gladwell
LRA Hybrid Warfare PKK
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Hizb-ut-Tahrir: The New Islamic State
  • 2. Factors for the Success of Jihadist Information Operations in Social Media
  • 3. Sustainability of the Afghan Security Forces: A Wicked Problem
  • 4. Understanding the Intensity of Boko Haram’s Terrorism
  • 5. CTAP INTERVIEW: Interviewed by Dr. Leo Blanken, US Naval Postgraduate School
Boko Haram Jihad Social Media
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Pakistan: Money for Terror
  • 2. Women in Terrorist Undergrounds
  • 3. Of Culture and Cliché: Politics and the Uses (and Abuses) of Anthropology
  • 4. The Tie That Binds: Reflections on Veteran’s Day
  • 5. The “Golden Owl” Returns to Kazakhstan
  • 6. THE CTAP INTERVIEW: Interviewed by Amina Kator-Mubarez and Elizabeth Skinner, US Naval Postgraduate School
  • 7. ETHICS AND INSIGHTS: George Lober, US Naval Postgraduate School
  • 8. THE WRITTEN WORD: Reviewed by Malladi Rama Rao, Editor, South Asian Tribune
Kazakhstan Pakistan India
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Building the Future: An Unlikely Coalition and a Road in Rural
  • 2. Education on Islam for Special Forces Needs an Overhaul: Africa as a Case Study
  • 3. Pounding on the Detonator: How China Is Radicalizing Its Own Uyghur Population
  • 4. Stressing Self-defense in the Force: Five Methods to Empower Commanders
  • 5. NATO SOF Countries’ Three Main Mission Sets: Direct Action, Special Reconnaissance, Military Assistance
  • 6. Leading the Cool War: Building a Sustainable Network inside the Ivory Tower
  • 7. The Call-up: The Roots of a Resilient and Persistent Jihadist Presence on Twitter
  • 8. CTAP INTERVIEW: Kirk Meyer, Former Director of the Afghan Threat Finance Cell
  • 9. THE WRITTEN WORD: Reviewed by Ryan Stuart
Uyghur Twitter Kirk Meyer
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Leadership in Afghanistan: Three Takes Part 1
  • 2. Leadership in Afghanistan: Three Takes Part 2
  • 3. Leadership in Afghanistan: Three Takes
  • 4. The Indian Mujahideen: The New Face of Jihadist Consolidation
  • 5. An Interview with Nir Maman: Founder and Chief Instructor, Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga
  • 6. Drones: A Challenge to the Professional Military Ethic
  • 7. CTAP INTERVIEW: Afghan Special Forces officer
  • 8. ETHICS AND INSIGHTS: George Lober, U.S. Naval Postgraduate School
  • 9. THE WRITTEN WORD: George Lober, U.S. Naval Postgraduate School
Drones Nir Maman
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. A Roundtable Conversation on Intelligence and Terrorism Part One: The Changing Nature of Terrorism
  • 2. A Roundtable Conversation on Intelligence and Terrorism Part Two: Requirements and Roles and Missions
  • 3. Tags, Tweets, and Tethers
  • 4. The Relevance of Technology in the Fight against India’s Maoist Insurgency
  • 5. A Roundtable Conversation on Intelligence and Terrorism Part Three: Sharing Intelligence in Counterterrorism
  • 6. Preventing a Day of Terror: Lessons Learned from an Unsuccessful Terrorist Attack
  • 7. CTAP INTERVIEW: Peter Berg, Director of Lone Survivor
  • 8. CTAP INTERVIEW Part Two: A Roundtable Discussion of Lone Survivor
  • 9. The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth
  • 10. The Wire HBO Serial Television Drama, Created by David Simon
Lone Survivor The Wire
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Protecting Soft Networks: Time to Counter the Enemy’s Logical Strategy
  • 2. The Ideologies of Anti-Technology Violence
  • 3. De-Radicalizing Muslim Youth in Western Societies
  • 4. The Role of Medical Development in Support of Security
  • 5. The Challenge of Combat Search and Rescue for Colombian National Army Aviation
  • 6. The Future of SOF Education: A Vision for Global Special Forces Education
  • 7. The Haqqani Network: Pursuing Feuds under the Guise of Jihad?
  • 8. CTAP INTERVIEW: Colonel William (“Billy”) H. Shaw
  • 9. Kill v. Capture—With a Twist
  • 10. The Wildest Province: SOE in the Land of the Eagle
  • 11. The Deceptive American
Haqqani Britain
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. When the Goldfish Meets the Anaconda: A Modern Fable on Unconventional Leadership
  • 2. Incentivizing Cooperation in Afghanistan
  • 3. Estonia’s Forest Brothers in 1941: Goals, Capabilities, and Outcomes
  • 4. The Strategy and Activity of the Forest Brothers: 1947–1950
  • 5. Cutting the Link between Illegal Drugs and Terrorists
  • 6. Human Rights as a Weapon of Terrorists: A Case Study
  • 7. CTAP INTERVIEW: LTC Ramey Wilson
  • 8. ETHICS AND INSIGHT: The Real Double Bind
Estonia Afghanistan
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. MAl-Sahawa: An Awakening in Al Qaim
  • 2. Inside Anbar
  • 3. Maoist Insurgency in India: Emerging Vulnerabilities
  • 4. The U.S.–Yemeni Joint Counterterrorism Exercises:The Other Side of the COIN​​​​​​​Media heading
  • 5. CTAP INTERVIEW: MAJ Nils French
  • 6. ETHICS AND INSIGHTS: How Can Leaders Maintain Ethical Command Climates?
  • 7. THE MOVING IMAGE Zero F*&%#!@G Thirt​​​​​​​y
  • 8. STATE OF THE ART Painting Guerrillas or Guerrilla Painting?​​​​​​​
Max Boot Yemen
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Learning from the Enemy: Alternative Afghan Security Forces
  • 2. Land Grabs, Radicalization, and Political Violence: Lessons from Mali and Beyond
  • 3. The Problem with Rhetoric in COIN
  • 4. Decentralizing Democracy: Governance in Post-conflict Ethnically Divided Countries
  • 5. Cultural Intelligence: Archiving Lessons from Afghanistan
  • 6. Equivocated Intentions: Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan
  • 7. Anger or Ability: Arguing the Causes of Rebellion
  • 8. ETHICS AND INSIGHT: Should Former Military Members Maintain Their Military Obligation?
Afghanistan COIN
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. The New Battlefield: The Internet and Social Media
  • 2. From al-Zarqawi to al-Awlaki: The Emergence and Development of an Online Radical Milieu
  • 3. Rethinking the Role of Virtual Communities in Terrorist Websites
  • 4. Countering Individual Jihad: Perspectives on Nidal Hasan and Colleen LaRose
  • 5. Artisanal Intelligence and Information Triage
  • 6. Another Tool in the Influencer’s Toolbox: A Case Study
  • 7. Mining Twitter Data from the Arab Spring
  • 8. ETHICS AND INSIGHTS: Should Military Members Really Call Themselves “Professionals”?
  • 9. STATE OF THE ART: Contemplating the Future of Social Media, Dark Networks, and Counterinsurgency
  • 10. THE WRITTEN WORD: The Harkis: The Wound that Never Heals
Nidal Hasan Peter Waldmann
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Combining Special Operations Forces: A Dutch Case Study
  • 2. The Civilian Casualties Management Team: A Piece of the Counterinsurgency Puzzle
  • 3. Learning From History: What Is Successful Interrogation?
  • 4. Financing al Shabaab: The Vital Port of Kismayo
  • 5. Parole for Guantánamo Releasees: Revisiting a Time-tested Concept
  • 6. Teenage Spy: Infiltrating the Irish Republican Army
  • 8. THE MOVING IMAGES: Not Just a Russian Platoon in Afghanistan
  • 9. THE WRITTEN WORD: Find, Fix, Finish ...
al Shabaab Guantánamo
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. The Learning from Our Enemies: Sri Lankan Naval Special Warfare against the Sea Tigers
  • 2. Airpower in Irregular Warfare: The Sri Lankan Experience
  • 3. Operation “Jatagani”:Working to Win the Hearts and Minds of the Afghan People
  • 4. The Killing Technology Next Door: Can South Sudan Learn from the Assassination of Darfur’s JEM Leader
  • 5. Exploitable Vulnerabilities of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
  • 6. STATE OF THE ART: From yBa to Al Qaeda: A Spectrum of Postmodern Spectacular
  • 7. THE WRITTEN WORD: Lions of Kandahar, The Story of a Fight Against All Odds
  • 8. THE MOVING IMAGE: Before Iraq & Afghanistan, There Was Ireland
  • 9. ETHICS AND INSIGHT: Moral Courage Take Two
Al Qaeda Sudan
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. Measuring a Government’s Capacity to Fight Terrorism
  • 2. The Fifth CISM Military World Games
  • 3. Radicalization in Light of the Developments in Egypt
  • 4. Combating Terrorism: A Ugandan Perspective
  • 5. The Forgotten Jihadist
  • 6. THE WRITTEN WORD: Rock the Casbah
  • 7. Q&A with Eric Schmitt
  • 8. THE MOVING IMAGE: Top Ten War Movies
Egypt Eric Schmitt
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. CTFP In Action: East African Alumni Take on the LRA
  • 2. Bleeding for the Village: Success or Failure in the Hands of the Local Powerbrokers
  • 3. Ten Years Later: Are We Winning the War?
  • 4. Focus on Algeria
  • 5. Islamism in Algeria and the Evolution to AQIM
  • 7. Ethics & Insights
  • CTX Journal Issue
  • 1. CTFP In Action: Crafting a National Counter-Terror Strategy for Bangladesh
  • 2. The Financing of Lashkar-e-Taiba
  • 3. Al Qaeda’s Strategy
  • 4. Ethics & Insights
  • 5. Violent Converts to Islam: Growing Cluster and Rising Trend
  • 6. Terrorist Rehabilitation: a Neglected Secret CT Weapon
  • 7. The Moving Image
al Qaeda Bangladesh


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  • ANNA SIMONS, Naval Postgraduate School
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  • AMINA KATOR-MUBAREZ, Naval Postgraduate School