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We accept submissions of nearly any type, from anyone; however, submission does not guarantee publication. Our aim is to distribute high quality analyses, opinions, and studies to military officers, government officials, and security and academic professionals in the counterterrorism community. We give priority to non-typical, insightful work, and to topics concerning countries with the most pressing terrorism and CT issues.


These guidelines are important for the preparation of your article, and are based on general publishers' requirements for submissions. Please observe them as closely as possible while you're preparing your article. This will save many problems during the production process.

The Chicago Manual of Style is the reference bible for your endnotes. It is available in libraries or at: Note that private online use of the CMS requires a subscription.

All accepted submissions will be subject to editing by a professional copy editor. Authors will have the opportunity to answer questions, make minor updates, and review changes at least once before publication.

We encourage authors to include good-quality photos that will enhance their article. Detailed instructions follow under heading 6– please look them over carefully.

  1. LENGTH: Your article should be no more than 7,000 words, inclusive of endnotes.
  2. APPLICATION: Use Microsoft Word (98 or later) only. We will communicate and transfer files electronically, so please familiarize yourself with the Track Changes and Comments functions in Word (under the Review or Tools tabs on the menu bar, depending on your OS).
  3. FORMAT: Use italics for emphasis and for the titles of journals and books. Quotation marks: "double first." Single "for ‘quotes within quotes.'"Use American style dates: December 19, 2008, for both text and notes.
  4. SUBHEADINGS: Please make very sure your headings are consistent and clear. Top level is A, Bold With One Space Above and Below, Initial Caps Secondary level is B, No Bold, One Space Above and None Below, Initial Caps; Tertiary is C, Leading line of paragraph, first cap only. Do not go below three levels.




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