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Breakfast for Your Brain Back Up and Running, Seeking Volunteers
U.S. Navy photo by MC1 Lewis Hunsaker

Breakfast for Your Brain Back Up and Running, Seeking Volunteers

By MC1 Lewis Hunsaker

NPS Meteorology and Oceanography student Lt. Kellen Jones will soon be spending a lot of his weekends in the Dudley Knox Library, but it won’t be just for his homework. Jones has taken over as lead for the university’s popular, student-run Breakfast for Your Brain tutoring program, and is seeking student volunteers for tutoring sessions for local K-12 students every Saturday, starting Sept. 30.

“I felt that I could bring a STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] focus to the program,” said Jones. “Being in the applied sciences, with meteorology and oceanography, I deal with real-world situations and I feel that the kids enjoy that.”

The tutoring program, originally established by the Monterey chapter of the National Naval Officers Association, has had an ebb and flow of volunteers over its 20 years, and only about half of the students utilizing the program come from military or DOD dependents.

“We help them in various subjects in school, but also expose them to what we are doing here at NPS. From thesis projects to bringing in professors to talk about some of the research that is happening right here, we expose them to things beyond school,” said Jones.

Through feedback from parents, Jones says the program has traditionally experienced a lot of success, with many of the students’ seeing higher grades as a result of their own effort.

“I believe the reason for this success is getting the students motivated, getting them to like what they are doing and seeing what they do can be fruitful,” said Jones.

With tutoring sessions returning at the beginning of the Fall Quarter, the program is actively looking for volunteers. Interested students, faculty and staff should e-mail
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