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Cross-Campus Team Develops New Intranet, Seeks Feedback
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Cross-Campus Team Develops New Intranet, Seeks Feedback

By MC2 Michael Ehrlich

A team of representatives across campus charged with providing recommendations on policy, procedures and guidelines on web-related issues, known as the Web Advisory Board, has been hard at work behind the scenes to develop a more modern, user-friendly Intranet. With the all-new beta site now up and running on the campus’ internal network, the team is looking to students, faculty and staff for feedback.

“This is all part of a long-term project to update our web presence across the board,” said Information Technology and Communications Services (ITACS) DevOps Application Development Manager Craig Vershaw.

The university’s public website completed a full redesign and overhaul, culminating with the launch of the new home page in April 2017. With the public site’s transition to the Liferay content management system complete, the team set its sights on the longstanding Intranet with the goal of creating a user-friendly website that is focused on “providing the NPS community easy access to what they need, when they need it,” said Vershaw.

“It has been several years since we last made significant changes to the [Intranet],” added Diane Jones, a contracted web content specialist working with ITACS. “Content needed to be improved, the organization needed some improvement … We were able to do a full inventory of the content and then streamline the way its organized.”

Through a detailed analysis of user data, campus surveys, and input from the Web Advisory Board, the team came up with a beta site, coined myNPS, that they believe is a significant improvement for the campus.

“We came up with a few key features that we wanted to improve or have on the new site,” said Vershaw. “Search was one of those things, so people could go to the new Intranet site, type in what they want to find, and have results that they can go to right away.”

“We have a new global navigation, which is a huge improvement from the previous horizontal and vertical navigation,” added Jones. And a ‘Quick Connect’ menu puts campus applications and services just one click away, and its responsive to what the user does most.

The beta site is now live and accessible on campus at, and the team is looking for your feedback. “We encourage everyone to leave comments and feedback over the next few weeks so we can incorporate that into the design and development of the new site,” said Jones. 

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