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The Naval Postgraduate School is a national and global leader in providing unique, defense-focused graduate education that advances the operational, technological and warfighting advantage of the Naval service. In the simplest of terms, NPS is interdisciplinary, responsive, applied, innovative, classified and secure.

Advanced education at NPS holds the power to develop thoughtful, principled leadership across DOD and our national security enterprise. In our complex, rapidly-changing world, effective leadership is more important today, than perhaps it has ever been.

Paramount to the efficacy of leadership is the ability to listen,
and the commitment to learn.

Across the university, leaders in a wide range of disciplines are providing advanced, interdisciplinary education and secure research experiences that foster critical thinking and advance leadership skills in our graduates. Listen, Learn, Lead with NPS President retired Vice Adm. Ann E. Rondeau introduces these extraordinary campus leaders, and the invaluable contributions they make to the university, and to the Navy and nation.

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Ann E. Rondeau, Ed.D.
Vice Adm., U.S. Navy (ret.)
NPS President

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LLL Sadagic Gunduz Ferrer

Dr. Amela Sadagic, Dr. I Emre Gunduz and Dr. Geraldo Ferrer, Additive Manufacturing

In this episode of "Listen, Learn, Lead," President Rondeau meets with Co-directors for NPS’ Center for Additive Manufacturing Research Associate Professor Dr. Amela Sadagic (Computer Science Department) and Associate Professor Dr. I. Emre Gunduz (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department), and with Supply Chain Management Professor Dr. Geraldo Ferrer (Graduate School of Defense Management to discuss interdisciplinary research focused on the future application of additive manufacturing toward needs in the Naval domain.

Highlights   •   Watch – 40:04   •   Listen – 40:04   •   Dr. Sadagic Bio   •   Dr. Gunduz Bio   •   Dr. Ferrer Bio   •   More Info 

LLL Tomlinson and Wirtz

Dr. Robert Tomlinson and Dr. James Wirtz, Great Power Competition

In this episode of "Listen, Learn, Lead," President Rondeau meets with National Security Affairs Professors Dr. Robert Tomlinson (Naval War College Monterey) and Dr. Jim Wirtz (School of International Graduate Studies) to discuss the roles of the Naval Postgraduate School and the Naval War College in Great Power Competition and in the context of the new Tri-Service Maritime Strategy.

Highlights   •   Watch – 30:05   •   Listen – 30:05   •   Dr. Wirtz Bio   •   Dr. Tomlinson Bio   •   More Info  

LLL Gera

Dr. Ralucca Gera, Diverse Learning Experiences

In this episode of "Listen, Learn, Lead," President Rondeau meets with Dr. Ralucca Gera, Associate Provost for Graduate Education, Professor of Mathematics, and founder and director of the Teaching and Learning Commons. Gera, a recipient of the Hamming Teaching Award, discusses her experience and research with different instructional methods and how they have informed NPS’ Teaching and Learning Commons, Chunk Learning Project and the FLEx Spaces Initiative.

Highlights   •   Watch – 29:01   •   Listen – 29:01   •   Bio   •   More Info  

LLL Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Peter Denning, Dr. Matt Carlyle, and Dr. Mathias Kolsch, Artificial Intelligence

In this episode of "Listen, Learn, Lead," President Rondeau meets with three NPS Artificial Intelligence experts: Distinguished Professor Dr. Peter Denning; Chair and Professor of Operations Research Dr. Matt Carlyle; and Associate Professor of Computer Science Dr. Mathias Kolsch. Rondeau and these three panelists discuss the development of machines that can perform human cognitive tasks, vulnerabilities inherent in AI machines, and the recently formed Consortium for Intelligent Systems Education and Research (CISER) at NPS which aims to break down barriers to quick synthesis of innovative solutions and provides DOD-relevant answers to difficult strategic problems involving AI.

Highlights   •   Watch – 40:22   •   Listen – 40:22   •   Dr. Denning Bio   •   Dr. Carlyle Bio   •   Dr. Kolsch Bio   •   More Info  

LLL Minelli

Dr. Giovanni Minelli, Space Systems

In this episode of "Listen, Learn, Lead," President Rondeau meets with Dr. Giovanni Minelli, Faculty Research Associate, Space Systems Academic Group. Minelli, a former NASA Ames Research Center engineer, discusses the research applications of small satellites and communications systems, and highlights how interdisciplinary and applied learning is required to conduct research in the space domain.

Highlights   •   Watch – 20:54   •   Listen – 20:54   •   Bio   •   More Info  

LLL Newman

Dr. James Newman, Space Systems

In this episode of "Listen, Learn, Lead," President Rondeau meets with Dr. James Newman, former NASA astronaut and veteran of four Space Shuttle flights, in the NPS Space Systems Laboratory. Newman discusses the importance of hands-on education in engineering, and highlights several Space Systems student research efforts.

Highlights   •   Watch – 25:09   •   Listen – 25:09   •   Bio   •   More Info  

LLL Orescanin

Dr. Mara Orescanin, Physical Oceanography

In this episode of "Listen, Learn, Lead," President Rondeau meets with Dr. Mara Orescanin, Assistant Professor in NPS’ Dept. of Oceanography. A physical oceanographer focused on dynamic coastal mechanics, MIT graduate Orescanin's research focuses on understanding the interplay between land watersheds and the coastal ocean. 

Highlights   •   Watch – 19:41   •   Listen – 23:25   •   Bio   •   More Info  

LLL Woodbury

Mr. Glen Woodbury, Center for Homeland Defense and Security

In this episode of “Listen, Learn, Lead,” President Rondeau meets with Glen Woodbury, Director of NPS’ Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS). As the nation’s first advanced graduate education program in the field, CHDS has created a cadre of more than 3,000 local, state and federal leaders who think critically about homeland security.

Highlights   •   Watch – 16:14   •   Listen – 16:14   •   Bio   •   More Info  

LLL Shattuck

Dr. Nita Shattuck, Crew Endurance

In this episode of "Listen, Learn, Lead," President Rondeau meets with Department of Operations Research Professor Nita Shattuck in the NPS Crew Endurance Laboratory. Shattuck led the Navy in transitioning away from standard watch bills, demonstrating how optimizing schedules with the human body's natural rhythm greatly advances performance.

Highlights   •  Watch – 19:50   •   Listen – 19:50   •   Bio   •   More Info


Student Leaders, National Naval Officers Association

In this episode of "Listen, Learn, Lead," President Rondeau meets with four university students – Navy Lts. Brandon Carter and J.D. Thomas, Marine Maj. Matt Bowman, and Air Force 1st Lt. Byron Wilson – for a critical conversation on diversity, race and bias, and how the university can lead in this crucial moment in U.S. history.

Highlights   •   Watch – 26:21   •   Listen – 26:07  •   More Info  

LLL Bordetsky

Dr. Alex Bordetsky, Tactical Mesh Networks

In this episode of "Listen, Learn, Lead," President Rondeau meets with Department of Information Sciences Professor Alex Bordetsky in the Center for Network Innovation and Experimentation Laboratory. Bordetsky has been an innovative force in the evolution of ad-hoc, tactical mesh networks for nearly 20 years, integrating student research and thesis study in variety of experimental real-world scenarios. 

Highlights   •   Watch – 24:49   •   Listen – 24:56   •   Bio   •   More Info  

LLL Thomas

Dr. Gail Thomas, Strategic Communication

In this episode of "Listen, Learn, Lead," President Rondeau meets with Graduate School of Defense Management Associate Professor Gail Thomas, one of the university’s premier teachers and researchers in the field of communications. In addition to Thomas’ longstanding programs in executive education, Thomas is a national leader in change management and communication strategy. 

Highlights  •   Watch – 23:51   •   Listen – 23:51   •   Bio   •   More Info  

LLL Bingham

Dr. Brian Bingham, Unmanned Systems

In this episode of "Listen, Learn, Lead," President Rondeau meets with Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Associate Professor Brian Bingham in the Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research (CAVR) Laboratory. Bingham is an expert in unmanned systems for underwater exploration, and currently leads NPS' Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research (CRUSER) initiative.

Highlights   •   Watch – 26:17   •   Listen – 26:17   •   Bio   •   More Info 

LLL Manuel

Chris Manuel, Emerging Technology Consortium

In this episode of "Listen, Learn, Lead," President Rondeau meets with Mr. Chris Manuel, Director of the university’s new Emerging Technology Consortium and new Central Coast Tech Bridge. As an active duty warrant officer, and in business following his Army career, Manuel has a track record of innovative solutions to critical national security capability gaps and needs.

Highlights   •   Watch – 25:15   •   Listen – 25:15   •   DOR   •   More Info  

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