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NPS Hosts Information Warfare Community Lecture
U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Michael Ehrlich

NPS Hosts Information Warfare Community Lecture

By MC2 Michael Ehrlich  

NPS Senior Intelligence Officer Capt. Dan Verheul speaks at an Information Warfare Community (IWC) training seminar in Ingersoll Hall, Jan. 26. Verheul emphasized the importance of teamwork in the development of the recently formed IWC. 
"We as a community have to understand the different sections of our community, and the strengths that each has to offer," said Verheul.
"One of the first things I did when I started working was I reached out to the space systems and METOC [meteorology and oceanography] personnel," Verheul continued. "Since I'm an Intel guy, I have an Intel gap that has to get filled. I can't get there if the weather doesn't cooperate … I have shut down operations because my METOC officer said no."
Another primary message to the diverse group of IWC officers was the likelihood of seeing more of them on campus in the future, as the Navy recently approved an increase to the number of IWC students to be enrolled at the university.
"The reason for increasing the number of students is because of NPS' strong educational foundation, with senior officers on staff to help mentor these students," noted Verheul. "This, in return, will help the Navy in the future."

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