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17th President of National Defense University Honors NPS Winter Quarter Graduates
The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) recognized the achievement of its 2024 Winter Quarter graduates during the school’s latest commencement ceremony in King Hall Auditorium, Mar. 29. U.S. Air Force L... Read More

Exploration of Wolfpack Tactics Earns Submariner Recognition in Operations Research
Advancements in technology towards secure communication between submarines will significantly affect how they could operate in groups, or modern “Wolfpack Tactics.”  This award-winning analysis c... Read More

Discovery Day at NPS Opens Campus to Central Coast Students
In a sight not seen for more than two years, nearly 2,000 students, teachers and parent chaperones from throughout the Central Coast descended upon the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) for the return o... Read More

Career Submariner Steps in as NPS New Undersea Warfare Chair
Retired Navy Vice Adm. Phillip G. Sawyer has taken the helm as the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Undersea Warfare (USW) Chair, and will now serve as the primary liaison and advisor between the unive... Read More

NPS Launches Center on Combating Hybrid Threats to Address Hybrid Warfare
On November 25, 2018, a Russian commercial cargo ship suddenly parked itself across the narrow Kerch Strait on the Crimea, blocking three Ukrainian Navy vessels sailing in international waters from re... Read More

NPS Creating Virtual Undersea Environments to Advance Underwater Autonomy
With undersea warfare remaining a key domain for U.S. defense strategies, the ability to map and navigate the depths of the world’s oceans becomes increasingly essential to maintaining an advantage. R... Read More

NPS Scholar Program Takes Warfare Tactics Instructors to the Next level
A pilot program at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) is taking fleet Warfare Tactics Instructors –officers with specialized training, operational experience and a deep understanding of fleet tactics... Read More

USW, Oceanography Student Uses Arctic Experience to Advance Research
Lt. Kristen Ainslie, an undersea warfare student at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), is on the home stretch of her challenging thesis in physical oceanography. Her research, critical to continue t... Read More

Open For Autonomous Business: Largest-Ever Unmanned & Robotics Systems Research Contract Awarded For NPS
MONTEREY, Calif. (NPS) – Military students at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) have firsthand experience with complex challenges in the fleet and the field. They come to NPS to work alongside exper... Read More

NPS Sees Increased Foreign Enrollment in Undersea Warfare Program
NPS’ undersea warfare program is experiencing an influx of students from allied foreign nations, many from countries along the strategic Pacific Rim. “Submarines have become the weapon of choice for ... Read More

About_News_ NPS Professor to Join Astronauts in Return to Aquarius Habitat
NPS Research Assistant Professor Dr. Noel E. Du Toit has been granted access to Florida International University’s Aquarius Reef Base Underwater Habitat located beneath the waters of the Florida Keys ... Read More

University USW Curriculum Leads Resurgence in Undersea Warfare Dominance
Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” These iconic words, presented to rousing cheers by then President Ronald Reagan on June 12, 1987 in West Berlin, were the defining moment of a generation. With th... Read More

Pacific Fleet Commander Honored With Distinguished Alumnus Award
Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet (COMPACFLT) was named a distinguished alumnus by the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) April 28, while attending the university’s annual Submarine Birthday Ball. Adm... Read More

Student Explores Unmanned Surface Vehicles for Maritime Data Collection
Undersea Warfare student Lt. Timothy Rochholz is exploring the research potential of a new wave-propelled unmanned surface vehicle which industry hopes can replace moored buoys for maritime surveillan... Read More

NPS Acquires Two USVs, Opens Sea Web Lab for Expanded Undersea Warfare Research
Naval Postgraduate School leaders, students and guests gathered on the roof of Spanagel Hall, Jan. 11, to welcome two new unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) to the university’s research community, and t... Read More

NPS Launches Online Wargame Focused on Countering Piracy
Researchers from the Naval Postgraduate School’s (NPS) Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation (MOVES) Institute, in coordination with the San Francisco Bay-area based Institute for the Future (... Read More

NPS Students Travel to the Arctic for ICEX 2011
Part of the Navy’s maritime domain includes the frigid and desolate frozen Arctic Ocean north of the Alaskan Coast, where swiftly melting ice has researchers at NPS looking to fully understand the cau... Read More

NPS Pioneers “Seaweb” Underwater Sensor Networks
The Naval Postgraduate School is on the cutting edge of through-water acoustic communications technology enabling distributed autonomous ocean sensors to operate as an underwater wireless wide-area ne... Read More

Undersea Warfare Academic Group Re-established at NPS
As the military branch tasked with protecting our nation’s waterways, the Navy remains diligent in areas of maritime security and undersea warfare. In 1971, as the Cold War continued and the perceived... Read More