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STEM Design Challenge Students Create Autonomous Solutions to Monitor Water Quality, Environment
For the third year in a row, science students and teachers from Monterey County high schools came together to brainstorm local solutions to real-world issues during the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)... Read More

17th President of National Defense University Honors NPS Winter Quarter Graduates
The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) recognized the achievement of its 2024 Winter Quarter graduates during the school’s latest commencement ceremony in King Hall Auditorium, Mar. 29. U.S. Air Force L... Read More

Marine General Offers Challenge to NPS Summer Quarter Graduates
Emphasizing the power of collaboration and embracing the inevitable flux of change, the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) celebrated its 2023 Summer Quarter graduates on Sept. 22 during a ceremony at Ki... Read More

NPS Student, Faculty Research Helps Develop Climate-Ready Force through Infrastructure Resilience
Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) student research that identified and modeled different aspects of real-world disaster preparedness is being adopted by Navy and state emergency management officials for... Read More

Extra Credit: Design Challenge Recognizes Students For Innovative Climate Change Solutions
A total of 75 students representing 20 science classes and robotics teams from Monterey County high schools competed in the second annual Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Rapid Innovation Design Challe... Read More

Chief of Navy Reserve Encourages NPS Winter Quarter Graduates
The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) honored its 2023 Winter Quarter graduates during a commencement ceremony held in King Hall Auditorium, March 24. NPS alumnus Vice Adm. John Mustin, Chief of Navy R... Read More

NPS Research in Electromagnetic Waves Hunts for Ship’s ‘Ghost Signals’
Oceans cover more than 70 percent of the world and finding ships at sea – especially those that do not want to be found – is still quite a challenge. Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Department of Mete... Read More

From Idea to Impact – NPS Grad Delivers on Autonomous, Predictive Maintenance for USMC
The U.S. Marine Corps is poised to dramatically advance its approach to maintenance and logistics on major systems due in large part to the tenacious efforts and impact of a Naval Postgraduate School ... Read More

NPS Professor Selected for ONR’s Young Investigator Program for Research Impacting Lasers at Sea
Dr. David Ortiz-Suslow, a research assistant professor in the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Department of Meteorology, was one of 25 awardees selected for the Office of Naval Research’s (ONR) highly... Read More

NPS Meteorology Professor Awarded Buchan Prize for Seminal Work in Hurricane Prediction
Expanding the theoretical knowledge of hurricanes and tropical cyclones is essential to improving early warning systems, especially in a changing climate with increasing potential to fuel the severity... Read More

NPS Researchers Leave a Lasting Legacy in Climate Analysis and Prediction
The analysis of global patterns can help scientists develop predictions about the conditions a specific region might experience in the coming weeks, months or years. One method they do this is by look... Read More

Discovery Day at NPS Opens Campus to Central Coast Students
In a sight not seen for more than two years, nearly 2,000 students, teachers and parent chaperones from throughout the Central Coast descended upon the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) for the return o... Read More

NPS Hosts High-Energy Laser Working Group to Address DOD Domain Needs
The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) hosted the latest annual Laser Lethality Technical Area Working Group (TAWG) sponsored by the Joint Directed Energy Transition Office (DE-JTO), Aug. 24-26. The even... Read More

NPS Student Wins Prestigious National Award for High-Energy Laser Research
“Lasers are the future of U.S. Navy shipboard defense.”  A straightforward statement, but it was all the motivation U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Austin West needed to tackle a highly-challenging research... Read More

NPS Student Uses Multidisciplinary Approach to Study Sea Level Rise at Navy Installation
For the large number of naval bases located on an ocean’s coast, the prospect of sea level rise (SLR) poses a real potential threat, especially since a rising sea doesn’t necessarily impact everywhere... Read More

NPS Establishes Climate and Security Network for Research Collaboration, Accessibility
On January 27, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to tackle climate challenges at home and abroad, which both elevates and frames climate concerns within a national security perspective. Re... Read More

NPS-Led Research Reveals Greater Abundance of Life Under Arctic Ice Than Previously Thought
For the longest time, scientists have written off there being much life below the Arctic sea ice. Surely not enough sunlight would be able to get through the snow and ice to sustain an abundance of li... Read More

NPS Study Leads to Turbulence for Kolmogorov’s Power Constant
Nature doesn’t care if humans get physics laws right, but understanding how the world works helps people properly interact with nature. So when Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Research Assistant Profe... Read More

New Climate Model to Be Built from the Ground Up
Facing the certainty of a changing climate coupled with the uncertainty that remains in predictions of how it will change, scientists and engineers from across the country are teaming up to build a ne... Read More

NPS Team Completes Remote Arctic Research Expedition
Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) scientists and students just returned from the heart of the desolate Arctic on an expedition which will deepen our understanding of a rapidly retreating northern ice pa... Read More

NPS Student Gives New Voice to Hope Services Janitor
“There is no one else I can think of who deserves this kind of communication device more than Juan,” said U.S. Air Force Capt. Zachary Daniels during a presentation to Hope Services Janitor Juan Olgui... Read More

JIFX Proves to Be Perfect Sandbox for Marine Corps’ Latest UAS
From the California desert to desolate polar ice caps, the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) continues to adapt emerging technologies to new domains. Since 2002, NPS’ quarterly Joint Interagency Field ... Read More

Annual Menneken Awards Honor NPS' Top Researchers
Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Provost Dr. Steven R. Lerman announced the winners of the 2017 Menneken Awards, Jan. 10. Made possible by the NPS Foundation through a grant from the Carl E. and Jessie... Read More

NPS Meteorologist Employs UAVs to Advance Atmospheric Research
Professor Peter Guest with the Naval Postgraduate School’s (NPS) Department of Meteorology has been employing quadrotors, small unmanned aerial vehicles, to measure the various atmospheric conditions ... Read More

NPS CIRPAS Continues Field Research with Mobile Weather Radar
NPS’ Center for Interdisciplinary, Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Studies (CIRPAS) once again spent several weeks on location in Oklahoma with its MWR-05XP Mobile Weather Radar Truck chasing tornados in ho... Read More

Fall Quarter Graduate’s Research Recognized by Navy Oceanographer
Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) student Lt. Cmdr. Kathryn “Kate” Hermsdorfer, graduating this Fall Quarter in the university’s Meteorology and Physical Oceanography curricula (METOC), was recently rec... Read More

Curriculum Reviews Ensure NPS Degrees Remain Current with the Fleet
A critical necessity with the Naval Postgraduate School’s fleet-driven degree programs is relevancy to the Navy’s current issues and needs. But in a constantly evolving security environment, staying o... Read More

Faculty-Developed Weather Prediction Model One Step Closer to Multi-Agency Adoption
Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Professor of Applied Mathematics Dr. Frank Giraldo has been working for several years on a complex weather prediction tool, the Nonhydrostatic Unified Model of the Atmo... Read More

NPS Alumnus Applies Education, Navy Career in Leading NOAA Operations
When NPS alumnus and current Deputy Under Secretary for Operations at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Dr. David Titley, likens the structure of his organization to that of ... Read More

NPS, NASA Researchers Employ Global Hawk UAVs in Hurricane Genesis Research
In 1900, a hurricane generating 140 mph winds hit Galveston, Texas, leaving over 6,000 casualties in what is the most deadly natural disaster in U.S. history. Over a century later, Hurricane Katrina r... Read More

A-10 Transformation Will Lead to Big Research Opportunities for NPS
Thanks to a dedicated group of scientists and researchers, including several at NPS’ Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Studies (CIRPAS) and the National Science Foundation, new te... Read More

NPS Students Travel to the Arctic for ICEX 2011
Part of the Navy’s maritime domain includes the frigid and desolate frozen Arctic Ocean north of the Alaskan Coast, where swiftly melting ice has researchers at NPS looking to fully understand the cau... Read More

NPS Professor Leads Ground Breaking Hurricane Research
Tropical disturbances often brew during the summer months in the North Atlantic.  Many fizzle and fade with no consequence, yet a select few grow in strength and bring about devastating results w... Read More

NPS Distinguished Professor Quietly Pursues “Meteorological Diplomacy”
For decades, a Naval Postgraduate School professor has been quietly pursuing both world class research and “meteorology diplomacy” in a climate of tense and acrimonious relations between Taiwan and Ch... Read More

International Team Studies the Impact of Pacific Typhoons
Researchers from governments, militaries, weather agencies and universities around the world are participating in an Office of Naval Research (ONR) and Taiwan National Science Council sponsored resear... Read More

NPS Tornado Chasers Use Advanced Radar to Improve Forecasting
Research Associate Professor Bob Bluth and Radar/EW Lab Director Paul Buczynski are true tornado chasers, spending the last week in Oklahoma with NPS’ Mobile Phased Array Radar truck to track and reco... Read More

Apollo 11 Hero Regales Space Systems Students, Faculty
Neil Armstrong’s ‘giant leap for mankind’ would have turned into tragedy had it not been for the fast thinking and courageous action of a Naval Postgraduate School distinguished alumnus, retired Navy ... Read More

University Researchers Help Record Complete Tornado Lifecycle
The Naval Postgraduate School’s (NPS) Mobile Phased Array Weather Radar (MWR-05XP) recently completed a six-week deployment to the Great Plains in support of VORTEX2, the largest, most comprehensive t... Read More

Students Find Arctic on Thin Ice
Some years the polar icecap looks like it's growing, others that it's shrinking. But one consistent trend over the past 12 years is that it's getting thinner, said Timothy Stanton, an oceanographer a... Read More