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Local FMA Chapter Honored With National Awards
U.S. Navy photo by Javier Chagoya

Local FMA Chapter Honored With National Awards

By Javier Chagoya

Federal Managers Association (FMA) Del Monte Chapter 308 president Jim Hall, left, and chair Bill Shewchuk, right, hold the FMA President's Outstanding Leadership and Recruitment Awards presented during the 78th FMA National Convention in Alexandria, Va. Hall is Budget Department Head in NPS' Comptroller's Office, while Shewchuk is an Associate Dean with the School of International Graduate Studies. 

The two long-time NPS managers journeyed to the convention to represent their local membership where they discussed pertinent FMA issues with national and state leadership.

"I met with Representative Sam Farr for the 'FMA Day on the Hill' and advocated FMA concerns on fiscal year 2017, [such as the] Fair Pay Act and lifetime support due to the Office of Personnel Management data breach," Shewchuk explained. "Both Representative Farr and his chief of staff expressed strong support for federal employees."

The Federal Manager's Association is the oldest and largest management organization in the Federal government and performs advocacy and lobbying functions to support supervisors and managers in the Federal government. At the local level, chapter leaders say their focus is on professional development and networking, with monthly meetings highlighting topics of interest to its members.

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