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MOTO Congratulates Central Coast High's Senior Class
U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Victoria Ochoa

MOTO Congratulates Central Coast High's Senior Class

By MC2 Victoria Ochoa

NPS students, U.S. Marine Corps Capts. Jeremy Thomas and Nick Aionaaka, salute during the Pledge of Allegiance at the Central Coast High School (CCHS) graduation ceremony at the California State University Monterey Bay track, June 3. Aionaaka and Thomas, along with several other NPS students, volunteer their time with the Motivating Others Through Outreach (MOTO) program to create a positive impact on the lives of CCHS' at-risk students.

MOTO was implemented in April 2013 in an effort to serve and develop positive connections within the local community, and to help at-risk youth through mentorship and motivation. 

"There are so many different students that have varying reasons for their need of motivation," said Thomas. "We try to be there for them and fill in whatever gap the students have, be it educational or socio-economic."

All members of MOTO are active duty military officers from NPS, most of which are full-time students. 

"This is the first time that many of the students have some excess time in their schedules, and MOTO provides them with an opportunity to volunteer, and contribute positively to the lives of local youth," said Thomas.

The MOTO program assists CCHS students through tutoring in math, science, English and more. It gives NPS students the opportunity to impact the lives of others in the community, be it via educating students in technological advances or financial management, career development or practical educational and career opportunities.

"In June 2016, CCHS graduated more than 28 students. This number may seem small, however CCHS's total student body is composed of 86 students and of the 28 students graduating, six were awarded with notable scholarships.

"We take every opportunity that we can to discuss life goals and planning finances with the students," added Aionaaka. "It's very rewarding and we have a lot of fun doing it." 

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